Ramsond CUT 50DY Plasma Cutter Review (4th generation)

/Ramsond CUT 50DY Plasma Cutter Review (4th generation)
Ramsond CUT 50DY Plasma Cutter Review (4th generation) 2016-07-10T05:52:14+00:00

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If you’re looking for a plasma cutter that is less than $500, but want something that will hold up to some heavy usage than take a look at the Ramsond CUT 50DY. This is a unit that is on the lower middle range of the plasma cutting scale, but offers a hell of a punch for the price. Ramsond is a good brand that offers good customer support and produces one of the best budget plasma cutters out there. Put it this way if I had only $500 to buy a plasma cutter this is what I would buy, hands down. With this unit you’re not going to get a ton of extra features, but you’ll get a powerful reliable unit for a low price.

Who is this plasma cutter good for?

If you’re are someone who likes to work with metal, but is not in the shop everyday of the week than this is the perfect combination of price and functionality. Like we’ve mentioned before you can build a lot of stuff with small sized units. We’ve built tool boxes, BBQs, truck racks, chain holders, metal art and all kinds of other stuff with small units like these. So don’t think you’ll really be limited if you buy a small unit. It just means that you will not be able to cut much thicker than 1/2″ steel.

What We Like

  • Only weighs 19 pounds which is great for transport in a truck or moving around your work area (no cart required)
  • Integrated air pressure gauge for fine tuning adjustment (or if you’re like me and forget to turn the compressor on you’ll see it!)
  • Digital amp read out for power adjust on the front with an adjustment knob. (reminds me of my Lincoln welder readouts so I like it)
  • Comes with 5 sets of swirl rings, ceramic shield cups, double ended electrodes and tips. (More sets can easily be purchased online here)



How It Cuts

The Ramsond cuts surprising well. Using a straight edge we were able to get really smooth cuts on 1/4 steel plate as long as you took your time. This is not like one of those huge $3000 dollar plasma cutters that you can swipe along any metal and cut it instantly. However, this baby will make the same cuts as long as you take your time. Like we said earlier if you do metal work for a living it might be worth upgrading to something like the Powermax 45 (check out our Powermax 45 review here). But, for the weekend warriors this is perfect. To test this unit we built a truck tool box for our 2006 Tacoma and it worked perfectly. No complaints with the way it cuts.

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What We Didn’t Like

  • The torch and ground cable were kind of short (We like very long cables to keep our unit away from out cutting area. This is just a personal preference as some like shorter cables because they are easier for transporting the unit)
  • Ground clamp could have a tighter grip. After hitting out cuts with a hammer a couple of times or moving the sheet metal the clamp would often times fall off which is annoying, but fixable.
  • Wish the trigger button was larger. It can be hard to press the button with large welding gloves on. It’s not impossible, but we wish they made it larger.

Overall Grade: B+

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