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Our Latest Plasma Cutting Project! A New Ditch Gate

Today we tackled a new project that required us to do some heavy duty plasma cutting. Our goal was to create a ditch gate on this dump truck. The entire project took us around 8 working hours and we are very happy with the results. Let’s show some pictures of how the project went!

photo 2

Above is the hole we needed to cut in the back of the tailgate. We decided we would use a plasma cutter for this.

photo 3

Here is a closer look at the cut we needed to make.

photo 4

This here is the machine we would be using. It’s an ESAB and it a very powerful advanced machine. Something a lot more expensive than we normally review on our site. It worked like a charm!

photo 5

Here’s another picture of the rig!

photo 2

This picture here is the back of the tail gate after we cut the hole with the ESAB. We also grinded the edges to smooth out the cut.

photo 3

Here’s a closer look at the cut!

photo 5

Next we did a bit of welding and welded on flat rails for the ditch gate door itself.

photo 2

Here’s a view of the final welds and an added middle bar.

photo 3

Here’s another close up of the welds!


Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 5.38.22 PM


Here is the ditch gate mounted in the rails we welded on. We are no in the process of adding a lever to pull the ditch gate up and down.

Stay tuned!

-Plasma Cutters Reviews Team

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