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Are Miller Plasma Cutters Any Good?

Updated January 2018

  • One of the best manufacturers of plasma cutters on the market.

  • Professional level performance in all machine sizes.

  • Incredibly durable and built to last in a fabrication shop environment.

  • Good creditable warranties are included with all new machines. Customer support is also widely available and responsive.

  • Expensive.

Recently we received an email regarding Miller plasma cutters. The question was simply “Are they any good?” We’ve tested a lot of machines over the years and we have to say that Miller is one of our favorite brands that we have tested. Miller is one of the heavy hitters when it comes to both the welding and plasma cutting market. Being that they are made in America you will find that the build quality is among one of the best. However, with this build quality you will often times find a price tag that is a little higher than a unit made in china. Long story short every machine from Miller is a great value and provides some of best performance in the market.

What We Like

  • They are made in the USA

  • They are built to last and take lots of abuse

  • Customer support is a lot better than other companies based out of China

  • Provide a cleaner cut based on higher quality hardware

  • Come with excellent service instructions and lots of support online

  • Simply out perform all other comparable Chinese brand plasma cutters

Bottom Line

If you get a Miller Machine you’re going to love it after you pay the hefty bill. You be thanking yourself later because of how reliable and well it cuts. I’ve personally owned multiple Miller welders and plasma cutters over the years and they kick ass. Never have any problems with them and they out perform almost all of the other brands when comparing similar models. I’m a strong believer in buying something once and having a quality peice of equipment for years to come. If you believe in the same than get a Miller.

Machines We Recommend From Miller


Spectrum 375

Overall Score

The Miller Spectrum is a very powerful machine that runs on both 120v and 240v making it very adaptable to any environment. In terms of quality, Miller produces some of best machines right alongside Hypertherm. This machine is worth every dollar they charge for it and is loved by many professionals.

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  • Made by one of best machine manufactures.

  • Both 220V and 120V. Comes with cord adapter for both to fit a variety of plug patterns.

  • Great parts availability from Miller as well as after market brands.

  • Rated to cut only 3/8 inch steel.

  • Does not come with glasses and gloves.

Useful Accessories

Antra Auto Darkening Helmet

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Hobart Premium Welding Gloves

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Giantex Welding/Plasma Cart

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Lincoln Leather Welding Jacket

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Revco 100% Cotton Welding Cap

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