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Is the LOTOS LTP5000D any good? – Our Honest Opinion

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Everyone is curious to know if the extremely low priced LOTOS LTP5000D plasma cutter is worth buying and adding to their garage. Let’s face it everyone wants a plasma cutter that offers as much capability and features as the LTP5000D does for the price. It’s a no brainer! But wait, let’s look at the finer details and see if this thing is really worth buying.


First off, this unit is made in China, which means not all of the machines that are shipped out are going to function correctly.  As with a lot of cheaper gadgets and tools from China, some users will find that their plasma cutter will fail right out of the box or within the first couple times of using it. Many reviews on the LOTOS LTP5000D page have stated that the machine has failed in a very short period of time and have had to request a refund.

Once you do get a fully functional machine you must then consider the durability and longevity of the machine itself. The LOTOS LTP5000D like other Chinese tools is likely to have a shorter life span than an American made machine such as a Hypertherm. So really ask yourself are you going to be using this machine every week or every few months? If you answered every week then we recommend you stay away from this machine. Your money is better spent on a Hypertherm Powermax30 ( If you answer every few months than this machine may be of good value to you.


Warranty also plays a large roll in owning a plasma cutter as these machines undergo a lot of stress when being used. There is always a chance of a part failing on any brand plasma cutter out there. However, the way that brand’s customer support handles that failure is what is important! Good customer service and a good warranty are HUGE factors when purchasing a tool for your shop. You need it to work right now in order to get the job done. This is why companies like Snap-On are so popular. They produce quality tools that last and are backed with an amazing warranty.

The LOTOS LTP5000D doesn’t have the best warranty out there. According to LTP5000D product page this machine comes with a 1-year warranty. Reviewers have noted that communicating with the warranty department can often times be a slow difficult process. If the plasma cutter breaks and you are indeed outside of that 1-year mark then you are out of luck. You’re best off just buying a brand new unit as serious repairs will likely cost more than a new unit.

An example of a good warranty is a company like Hypertherm or Miller. They both offer 3-year warranties on their machines and have a responsive customer support team that can help you right away. These are larger companies and with that you get the peace of mind that they will always be around to help. With a smaller brand like LOTOS you never know where they will be in the next 5 years.


This is a very important factor. You are going to use consumables for your machine during its entire life span. This means 10-15 years from now you want to be able to find these parts. A company like LOTOS can disappear tomorrow and access to parts will slowly disappear as well. Miller, Hobart and Hypertherm (all brands we recommend) are companies that have sold a ton of units. This means there will always be consumables available for these machines from the manufacturer or 3rd party companies many years from now. Buying a name brand machine is always your safest option. The LOTOS unfortunately is not a name brand machine, thus is a risky investment.

Also, many users have had issues with the ceramic cups included with consumable kits sold on from the LTP5000D. Users have noted that they do not fit the machine properly and also many show up broken due to poor packaging. So please be aware of this! Here are the consumables to avoid: LOTOS 40 Piece Consumable Kit (

End Result

If you want a cheap plasma cutter that you plan on using for a couple of projects and letting it sit in your garage with very little use than a LOTOS LTP5000D will work fine. With the 1-year warranty you should be able to get a working unit you are happy with and with very little use it should last. Many weekend warriors own this machine and are happy with it. Just be very weary of part availability and customer support. Also we HIGHLY RECOMMEND ordering the unit from (LOTOS LTP5000D on has an amazing return policy and fast customer support. If you do find yourself with a broken machine out of the box they will send you another one right away and pay to send back the old one. However, keep in mind that once you have had a machine for a few weeks you no longer can return the unit to Amazon. You instead have to deal with the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you plan on using this machine more than once every few months I STRONGLY recommend that you purchase a Hypertherm or Miller. These are units well know for their durability, precision, and performance among professionals. Combine that with good customer support and large availability of parts and you have yourself a kick ass plasma cutter that will last.

As with all tools you get what you pay for.

Better Options

If you are considering the LOTOS LTP500D I recommend the follow plasma cutters instead. Both of these units offer huge bang for your buck. These are professional machines that are built to perform and last. Good luck with your future purchase!


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