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hobart 700iHobart makes some of the best low priced machines in the plasma cutting market. A lot of us know they build one hell of a welder and where interested in seeing if that quality and ease of use transferred into their plasma cutters. After lots of testing we can confirm it does!

Hobart makes a great unit called the 500i that is small portable plasma cutter that packs one hell of a punch. However, the 500i was good for weekend warriors, but was still considered a small mobile unit. In response to this Hobart created the 700i and bigger, beefier, and more powerful unit that is capable of cutting up to 7/8 in. steel. The best part is that they did all of this while still selling it at an amazing price.

 How it Cuts

This unit cuts amazing. If you’re cutting 1/2 inch steel or smaller expect to get nice smooth fast clean cuts (with a nice smooth hand of course). This unit will blow through metal smaller than 1/2 inch like it’s nothing.

If you’re cutting thicker metal expect to use a slow and steady cut to get smooth edges and precise cuts. This unit will tackle thicker metal, but remember you have to take your time. With that said this machine is very capable and will take on most projects that you will encounter.

hobart airforce 700i full feature list

What We Like

The unit is compact: Not too big so you can still put it in the back of your pickup by yourself easily and move it around. Plus it only weighs 32 pounds.

Amazing cuts: Coming from a 500i this unit packs a bigger punch and will leave you with a large smile on your face every time you use it. After a couple of beers you’ll be finding anything around the house to cut to show it off to your buddies (not that I know this from personal experience..haha!)

10 foot power cord: 10ft is a decent length for the power cord compared to some other units we’ve tested. So we give Hobart a thumbs up for that.

Very reliable: We’ve have a lot of experience with Hobart machines and have had no problems. We love this plasma cutter and have not had a single issue with it thus far.

What We Don’t Like

Ground Clamp: We wish the ground clamp was a bit stronger with its grip. When you’re hammering on metal it tends to fall off. We fixed this by removing the handle and using a pair of vice grips instead. Works great.

No Digital Readouts: Digital readouts are nice because they allow you to get the perfect adjustment.

Bottom Line

This machine is amazing for the price. Hobart did an excellent job of making a very capable machine for a great price. Sure it doesn’t have fancy digital readouts or a 20 ft powercord, but hey we can get over that for the price. We feel like they focused on what mattered most, the cutting power. We definetily recommend this plasma cutter.

Overall Grade: A

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Useful Accessories For The Hobart 700i

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