Everlast PowerPlasma 50 IGBT Plasma Cutter Review

/Everlast PowerPlasma 50 IGBT Plasma Cutter Review
Everlast PowerPlasma 50 IGBT Plasma Cutter Review 2016-07-10T05:50:30+00:00

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Everlast is a brand that gives you pure raw power, reliability and a low price. You won’t find any extra special features on these machines as they want to keep the price as low as possible while still building a reliable machine. Everlast produces a handful of different models and this here is our review for the Everlast 50 IGBT with pilot arc.

This machine is an exceptional value for someone who is looking for a heavy duty 220V plasma that can cut steel up to 1 inch thick. How beastly is that!? Most machines that cut 1 inch steel cost upwards of $1500, meanwhile the Everlast sells for less than $1000. If simplicity is what you’re looking for than Everlast has you covered.

everlast 50What We Like

  • Costs less than $1000
  • Pilot Arc feature allows you to cut rusty/painted metal
  • Has a digital amp readout on the front
  • Has an air pressure gauge (for those of us who forget to hook up the air all the time like me)
  • Has adjustable post flow
  • Run on 50 Amp 220V capable of cutting up to 1 inch steel
  • Easy detachable cords from the front of the face plate
  • Torch consumable parts are cheap and easy to find online

How It Cuts

We started out cutting things like 1/4 flat bar, 1/4 pipe and 1/4 plate. It cut through all of it like butter. Literally felt like it took no effort. We than ramped it up to 5/8. Still no problem. When we got to 1 inch steel we found that the unit did indeed cut it, however you had to take it nice and slow to get a  smooth cut. The rest of our cuts on the other metal looked amazing. We used a piece of flat bar to guide the torch along our plate and the cuts looked amazing. We were really impressed.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The handle should have been made out of hard plastic or steel. The strap on the top just doesn’t cut it for us.
  • We wish the power cord was longer (ideally we wish it was about 12ft, but that’s a lot to ask for)
  • We wish Everlast offered a longer torch cord as well. We like our cord to be really long so we can keep the plasma away from our work area. However, we know this would be more expensive.

In the end we really like the Everlast  50 IGBT and thought it was a great machine for the price. You can’t find another brand that offers the realiability and power that Everlast does for the price. If you can deal with giving up any extra fancy features of the more expensive units than you’ll be really happy with an Everlast for the price.

Overall Grade: A

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